Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

In these conditions Aqua Kitchen Solutions LTD is referred to as the company and the person signing the contract is referred to as the customer.

1. All the terms of the contract between the company and the customer are contained in this contract and no variation of these terms are considered.

2. This contract is binding on both parties and is subject to cancellation only in the following circumstances.

i. The company receives written confirmation of the customer’s cancellation within seven days of contract date.

ii. The Company reserves the right to cancel the contract if the company considers that satisfaction is not likely to be reached with this order/installation by both parties.

3. Delivery of the company’s kitchens is normally four weeks to the Friday from the contract date for supply only customers, except for kitchens with doors on extended delivery, these doors include non standard made to order sizes, paint to order doors, etc.

4. Supply only customers must inspect all goods and any damage/issues reported within three working days of delivery. We will not accept any responsibility if.

i. it is reported after this date.

ii. if the door has been drilled for a handle

iii. if any item has been cut or fitted

iv. we deem the damage or fault is illegitimate and occurred after delivery.

5. Delivery date for supply and insulation customers will have been agreed and form part of this contract.

6. Heath and safety regulations prohibit drivers from unloading without assistance. It is therefore the customer’s responsibility to provide assistance with unloading. Failure to provide assistance with unloading may result in the order returning and repeat delivery charges will apply. If you cannot assist you must inform the company at least two weeks prior to delivery and we will arrange to assist (additional charges may apply). All deliveries must be signed for.

7. Any dates of commencement and completion of work are offered in good faith and are not guaranteed and could be subject to delays because of strikes, accidents, mechanical breakdowns, unavailability of materials and parts and other causes beyond the company’s control. The company will make all reasonable endeavors to start and complete work by the dates given but will not accept any liability for unforeseen delays.

8. A one year installation guarantee starts on the day of installation, subject to the installation balance being paid in full. This guarantee covers fair wear and tear and does not cover misuse.

9. The guarantee is transferable, but only with the consent of the company.

10. No responsibility can be accepted by the company for damage after the installation is completed and inspected.

11. All furniture, doors, fixtures and fitting are subject to individual manufactures guarantees.

12. All work quoted for and undertaken by the company is guaranteed by the company. Work and services carried out by companies or individuals recommended, but not quoted for by the company are under separate contract between customer and the individual or company involved. Guarantees, queries, and payments must be referred to them.

13. All work is completed with reasonable care and skill but even with the greatest care, home décor and existing items may be marked or scuffed during the installation process. New paintwork should be allowed to fully dry and harden prior to installation. Any making good or re-decorating must be agreed with the installer prior to work commencing.

14. The company is only contracted to the work agreed as per the contract; any additions or amendments must be agreed and signed for prior to commencement. The company will not be responsible for verbal agreements made.

i. any additional work asked of the fitter by the customer on site is between the fitter and the customer and the company excepts no responsibility for this work.

15. The customer will give access to the premises to any member of the company at reasonable times so that the company may complete the installation as per the contract.

16. At the time of placing your order a minimum 25% deposit of your order total will need to be paid for your order to be processed. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable .Any amendments to your order after it has been processed may be subject to an administration charge. The remaining balance for your order is payable within three working days of the delivery date. The installation balance is paid on the day the installation is completed and inspected. The installation inspection is final and confirmation of satisfaction of work completed. (see note 10)

17. Minor defects or matters requiring rectification which would normally dealt with under the company’s guarantee shall not be considered good reason for non –payment of balance.

18. All goods remain the property of the company until they have been paid for in full. Guarantees do not apply until balance is paid in full.

19. Discrepancies against your order/invoice must be reported immediately.

20. Lighting within brochures can be deceptive, for exact colorings sample doors are available within two weeks if requested. If in any doubt over coloring please use this service as refunds are unavailable as this would not be classed as faulty goods.

21. The company shall only be responsible for rubbish removal if it has been agreed prior and in this contract.

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